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Latest Retail News Headlines


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In-store Promotional Campaigns May be Delivering Less Than Optimum Results, Why?

It's reported that ONE issue causes 39% of in-store promotional failures.

UK: Head Of Waitrose Says Supermarkets Out Of Date; Reveals New Trends

Waitrose’s Managing Director Mark Price has said that the major grocery multiples are operating supermarkets that are 20 years out of date given the fundamental changes in shopping habits.

UK: Tesco Will Need To Spend £3bn To Turn Around Performance

After industry data released this week showed Tesco continuing to lose sales to rivals, a leading analyst at HSBC said the ailing retailer will need to spend around £3bn lowering prices, upping staff numbers and improving food quality if it is to turn around its fortunes.

In a note released yesterday, published on the Bloomberg website, Dave McCarthy said the retailer has been “going wrong” for more than six years and requires a “significant re-engineering”, adding it needs to cut prices by around 5% to halt the advance of the discounters Aldi and Lidl.
He estimates that a turnaround could take more than five years.

UK: Cathedral City Expands ‘Selections’ Brand With British Cheese Pack

Cathedral City has launched an expansion of its ‘Selections’ cheese snacking brand, with the introduction of a ‘British Cheese Variety’ pack.

US: Coca-Cola Set For Tougher Measures After Q3 Profit Drop

Coca-Cola has announced additional tough measures aimed at reviving its fortunes, after reporting a double-digit drop in profit for its fiscal third quarter.

US: Kimberly-Clark To Slash Jobs; Lowers FY Forecast

Kimberly-Clark has announced plans to cut hundreds of jobs and also lowered its profit forecast for the full year, related to the spinoff of its US healthcare unit.

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