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Latest Retail News


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UK: Asda Turns To Tumblr To Target Mums During Christmas; Cuts Petrol Prices To Under £1 A Litre

Asda has announced that it will use to Tumblr to push its mums-centric Christmas marketing campaign with sponsored editorial content in the form of recipes, tips, gifs, vines and listicles.

UK: Booker Agrees Deal To Supply Enterprise Inns

Booker and its subsidiary Makro have recently secured a contract to supply their products to pub group Enterprise Inns.

UK: Sainsbury’s To Fill Excess Store Space With Gyms

In an effort to utilise excess space in its stores, Sainsbury’s is reported to be planning to open gyms at three of its larger outlets.

UK: Brits Getting Cheesed Off With Cheddar – Mintel

British consumers are increasingly turning away from cheddar, despite the cheese being a staple across the country.

FRANCE: Carrefour-Rue Du Commerce Deal Approved

Carrefour has received approval from the European Commission to acquire online retailer Rue Du Commerce.

AUSTRALIA: Woolworths Delays Masters Decision As Another Top Exec Quits

Woolworths Ltd has said it will not take an immediate decision on the future of its loss-making Masters hardware joint venture, even as it reported the exit of a second senior executive from the chain in as many weeks.

Gordon Cairns, the new Chairman of Australia’s largest retailer, said a decision on the banner will only be taken in 2016, after a new five-year plan is completed.

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