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Brief Summary

Global Powers of Retailing 2014

April 2014

The 17th annual Global Powers of Retailing report identifies the 250 largest retailers around the world for the past fiscal year-

Future Purchasing State of Category Management Survey

March 2014

An annual survey that looks to identify the leading practices used to implement Category Management, and the value realised as a result.

GSCOP Summary of retailer compliance reports 2013

March 2014

Free copy of the British Brands Group's annual look at the summaries retailers make to the OFT.

Convenience 2013: Sector highlights by IGD

August 2013

Free copy of the highlights from IGD’s latest convenience report.

Global Powers of Retailing 2013

March 2013

The 16th annual Global Powers of Retailing report identifies the 250 largest retailers around the world for the past fiscal year. But the report is much more than a list – it also examines these pressing trends for retailers to consider as they plan their growth strategies.

Top 10 Innovations of 2012

March 2013

This IGD assessment analyses the top 10 consumer marketing innovations by major brands in the retail industry during 2012.

Best Stores Of 2012

December 2012

IGD Retail Analysis presentation showing some of the best and most innovative stores opened in 2012.

Aldi – Hard Discounters 2012: The Winning Format

December 2012

Overview of a new report by ResearchFarm on the rapid development of Aldi and opportunities the retailer presents for FMCG suppliers.

Private Label Update 2012
How traditional structures are evolving

October 2012

Retailers’ private label ranges are evolving rapidly. This 22-slide presentation by IGD examines the key developments you should know about across four key areas, and highlights some key implications for suppliers.

The Great Indian Bazaar Sale (Redux)

October 2012

A quick overview of the Indian government's decision to make another attempt at liberalising the country's retail sector.

Building Customer Engagement Capability

June 2012

Retailers confirm that efficient, shopper-focused growth sits at the heart of their trading relationships. However, IGD’s latest Customer Engagement survey reveals that many branded suppliers have yet to prioritise supply chain efficiencies in their trading discussions and are struggling to make the most of their shopper insights.

50 Ways To Grow In European Retail

April 2012

This Roland Berger study aims to revitalise Europe's troubled retail sector by identifying 50 areas in which businesses are not currently meeting shoppers’ needs and offering solutions for each of them.

The evolving model – what it means for suppliers

March 2012

IGD provides an overview of Tesco’s online channel strategy and the supplier implications in terms of accuracy, quality and service levels.

Post Offices – Time for a Digital Reinvention as a Unique Route to Consumer?

March 2012

The UK Post Office network is in decline – 5,000 Post Offices have closed over the last 6 years with 8 million fewer weekly customer visits. The Government have promised funding of £1.34 billion over the next four years to help modernise and re-energise the retail network.

Asda Supermarkets

February 2012

Analysis by IGD of Asda’s small format strategy.

Retailers and Brands in Portugal

February 2012

How the bursting of the consumption-bubble will affect brands and the retailer environment..

The Rise and Rise of Pound Shops

December 2011

A look at the growth of 'pound stores' in the UK, and what has caused them to become so popular.

Where next for online?

August 2011

Ten steps to supplier success in this fast-growing channel.

The New Tesco Leadership Team

March 2011

With Philip Clarke now leading Tesco and several other key personnel changes in effect, IGD’s Retail Analysis team examine what this means for the retailer, assesses the priorities ahead and outlines implications for suppliers.



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