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IRELAND: Nisa-Today’s Recruits Leading Retailer

One of the largest independent retailers in the Republic of Ireland, Joyces 365, has joined Nisa-Today’s membership following a four-month trial. Familiar to shoppers as ‘Joyces 365 Fresh Everyday’, the family-run business, which opened its first store in 1951, has three large stores across Co. Galway in Headford, Knocknacarra and Athenry, ranging from 15,000 sq ft to 20,000 sq ft. All Joyces 365 outlets are receiving goods weekly from Nisa-Today’s across three temperature ranges – ambient, frozen and chilled.

According to Pat Joyce, owner and managing director of Joyces 365, “The market in the Republic of Ireland is fiercely competitive. Nisa-Today’s extensive product range and high quality promotions give Joyces a point of difference and send our customers a strong message of choice and value. The rapid delivery cycle is also a major benefit, keeping our stock regularly rotated and ensuring we have the best possible availability.” Joyce noted that, “It is the policy of Joyces to give full support to local suppliers and to all indigenous Irish companies. Currently, we are finalising expansion plans for the company which will see further development in the West of Ireland with the opening of new outlets and increased job creation at all levels from floor staff to supervisory and management staff.” He added, “Joyces is pleased to cement this important relationship with Nisa-Today’s as a new supply chain which will provide tremendous benefits to our customers, by providing them with easy access to top quality leading brands at keenest prices.”

The news follows Nisa-Today’s recent appointment of a business development manager for both the North and South of Ireland. It is also a key consideration in the group’s current evaluation of its supply chain needs for 2011, which involves choosing the best strategy to deliver Nisa-Today’s distribution requirements for the next seven to 10 years to align its supply chain operations with the evolving requirements of members, the changing grocery marketplace and Nisa-Today’s business model.

Andrew Mouse, Group Sales director of Nisa-Today’s said, “We have been assessing the opportunities for extending our business and logistics model into Southern Ireland for some time, since it has significant similarities to the UK market. It is a strong opportunity for growth and something we are keen to explore further as part of our 2011 supply chain review. We are delighted to welcome Joyces to Nisa-Today’s membership and hope that this is the catalyst for further developments in the country.”

NamNews - Monday 2nd June 2008

IRELAND: Nisa-Today’s Recruits Leading Retailer


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