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UK: Alworths To Launch Three Further Stores Before Christmas

Fledgling variety chain alworths will be launching a further three stores this month, taking the total to five locations before Christmas. The next stores have been confirmed as Evesham on 19 November (9,000 sq ft), Warminster on 20 November (4,000 sq ft) and Wokingham on 26 November (8,000 sq ft).

The company has plans to open 22 sites within the next 12 months and all of the stores will be situated in high street locations, predominantly in market towns across the UK. Many of the stores will be situated in ex-Woolworths sites.

Alworths is a general retailer, stocking a mix of branded toys, sweets, homeware, stationery, seasonal and garden products. It will also offer a large selection of pic ‘n’ mix along with party accessories, cards and wrap. Alworths will also stock haberdashery and household convenience purchases.

Alworths Ltd has been created by Andy Latham, ex Head of Store and Concessions Development at Woolworths, along with a team of 15 ex-Woolworths colleagues working along side him at alworths’ Head Office in Redhill, Surrey.

Latham said, “Even though we’re in the middle of a recession it’s a great time to be launching a new retail chain. There is a wealth of good store locations available with landlords and suppliers who are keen to be supportive. It’s time that town centres got some much needed investment and most importantly there is still a demand amongst customers, for the products that alworths intends to sell.”

NamNews - Tuesday 3rd November 2009

UK: Alworths To Launch Three Further Stores Before Christmas


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