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UK: ‘We Are Tea’ Secures Listing In Tesco

Independent tea brand ‘We Are Tea’ has secured a new Tesco listing as part of its plans to break into a market worth over £652m a year in the UK. .

With over twenty five quality speciality teas from artisan producers the husband and wife team, Spence and Suzy, have created a brand that focuses on removing the “pomp and ceremony” from speciality tea.

“Life is too short to drink bad tea” said co-founder Spence “and being independent, we are in a position to source our teas according to quality and not our parent company’s policy. Sales of speciality teas, especially herbal infusions and green tea, are on the up and we set out to make the often complex and daunting world of speciality tea more open and accessible.

“Our unique colour coding system divides the blends into six clear categories making them easily identifiable for consumers. Having the support of Tesco, alongside our other loyal stockists across the retail and food service network will increase consumer accessibility and provides an opportunity to showcase ourselves as a true British tea brand that believes tea times, and the tea that we use for them, should be special.”

Tesco will initially stock five of the most popular whole-leaf tea-bags: Earl Grey Supreme, Ceylon Vanilla, Moroccon Mint, Super Berry and Serenitea. Roll-out will take place this month.

NamNews - Wednesday 20th February 2013

UK: ‘We Are Tea’ Secures Listing In Tesco


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