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CHINA: GSK Denies Wrongdoing After Probing Bribery Allegations

GlaxoSmithKline has been investigating its China unit, after an anonymous tipster alleged that the unit’s sales staff was involved in widespread bribery of doctors between 2004 and 2010. The group however stressed that its probe found no evidence of wrongdoing.

The allegations claim that doctors were bribed to prescribe GSK drugs, in some cases for unauthorised uses. According to the reports, the tipster claimed that the sales staff offered doctors speaking fees, cash payments, lavish dinners and all-expenses-paid trips.

The Wall Street Journal cited emails from the source, which allege that GSK regularly gave cash to its sales staff in China, some of which went directly to doctors at Chinese hospitals in return for them agreeing to prescribe drugs to patients. The emails allege that some sales staff then submitted fraudulent expenses to account for the funds.

GSK said it had “used significant resources to thoroughly investigate each and every claim from this single, anonymous source”, but claimed that it had found “no evidence of corruption or bribery in our China business.”

The group admitted that it sometimes pays health-care officials to participate in GSK-sponsored events and reimburses them for attending scientific conferences, stressing that such payments were not illegal or improper. It also said it routinely audits advance cash payments to employees and found no evidence they were used to bribe doctors.

NamNews - Monday 17th June 2013

CHINA: GSK Denies Wrongdoing After Probing Bribery Allegations


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