US: Walmart Expands App Features To Improve Customer Experience

Walmart has expanded its namesake app, adding new features and improving existing ones, aimed at further improving the customer experience.

For Pharmacy customers, the app now offers an easy refill process (including order status tracking, as well as pricing and pickup details). Once the refill order has been placed, customers can also use new ‘express lanes’ for pickup.

Walmart noted: “What our Pharmacy business is likely most well-known for is our $4 prescription programme that has saved our customers nearly $5bn. Starting today, we’ll be known for saving them more than just money. By developing and combining the best of our app with a service that our customers depend on daily, we’re driving change that makes living better easier.”

Meanwhile, users of its Money Services no longer need to fill out paperwork in-store, but can enter details via the app. At the store, they can also use ‘express lanes’ to complete their transaction.

The new features will begin rolling out in March, and the express lanes are expected to be available in nearly all of Walmart’s 4,700 stores by autumn 2017.

Walmart noted: “We’re delivering a new and better experience in areas of our business that are essential for busy families. By making them faster and easier, we’re living up to our promise – to save customers money and time.”

NAM Implications:
  • Another example of Walmart’s prioritising of online, mobile-shopping combined with special treatment instore.
  • Now multiply your first reaction x 4,700 outlets and ask if you are really prepared to optimise the resulting opportunities.