US: Walmart To Push Suppliers Over Emissions Via ‘Project Gigaton’

Walmart has unveiled a major new initiative, called ‘Project Gigaton’, that will look to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across its supply chain.

The programme looks to slash emissions by 1 gigaton by 2030 (equivalent to the elimination of 211 million passenger vehicles), and will cover its global chain. The initiative will focus on cutting emissions from energy, agriculture, waste, packaging, deforestation, and product use and design.

Walmart also launched an emissions reduction toolkit for suppliers, which has been developed in partnership with several major environmental NGOs.  The toolkit will offer suppliers guidance on how to develop the business case for emissions reduction targets, and then undertake projects to help meet those targets.

The group claimed the move would also help businesses lower their costs and improve their performance.  Walmart noted: “Through the years, we’ve seen that integrating sustainable practices into our operations improves business performance, spurs technological innovation, inspires brand loyalty, and boosts employee engagement. Our suppliers recognise the opportunity to realise those same benefits in their businesses.”