FRANCE: Carrefour Offers Customers In-Store VR Experience

As part of its annual ‘Anniversary Month’ promotional event running from 6 September until 3 October, Carrefour is offering customers a new immersive shopping experience.

The retailer is rolling out a system in its stores so that customers can find out about virtual reality (VR) glasses technology with 175,000 cardboard viewers available to purchase for €3 each.

The VR glasses and smartphone app, will take customers on journey through Russian mountains… aboard a shopping trolley! Using the VR application, customers are catapulted at high-speed on a roller-coaster ride, passing through 5 worlds within which they’ll see the products which best epitomize the hypermarket:

  • An ice cave, strewn with fresh produce,
  • A “zen” world, where they’ll find hygiene and beauty products,
  • An enchanted forest, lined with grocery and natural products,
  • A futuristic world, full of hi-tech and multimedia products, as well as household appliances,
  • And finally, a world brimming with festive products.

The VR campaign is in addition to its 4-week Carrefour Month which runs each year offering a host of promotions and discounts of up to 70% for loyalty card holders on major brand products.