GERMANY: Lidl Harmonises Data Transfer Using Software AG Solutions

Lidl has been using Software AG’s webMethods Integration Platform and Enterprise Service Bus to harmonise the exchange of data between its store and national systems and its central retail information system.

The hard discounter switched to the new electronic Lidl Retail Information System eLWIS (SAP), as the previous integration scenario had reached its limits.  The new integration platform has enabled fast and smooth integration of existing different systems, which previously had communicated via point-to-point connectivity.

Lidl said the move demonstrates a clear focus on transitioning from decentralised data exchange at store and country level to centralised total connectivity and just about real-time exchange. All of the chain’s nearly 10,000 stores send their data to its central data warehouse located in Neckarsulm, Germany, and the new platform can be used at its main IT centre and local warehouses and stores which would standardise data exchange between all systems as well as with the SAP platform. Lidl has already been able to reuse the integration platform in other projects and countries.

René Sandführ, Executive Vice President IT ERP Systems at Lidl, stated, “Thanks to the flexibility of webMethods, we have been able to integrate more than 30 systems from Lidl’s existing infrastructure into our new retail information system.” Connectivity between all stores and the central information system will enable Lidl to access inventory levels in real time.