GLOBAL: Alibaba Launches New Platform To Counter Fake Products

The Alibaba group has launched a new online platform that it says will help reduce the number of counterfeit products sold via its portals, addressing growing concerns by suppliers.

The ‘IP Joint-Force System’ aims to improve IP-related communications between brands and Alibaba, and will see brands that face regular copyright infringement being assigned an Alibaba account manager who will work directly with the brand to eliminate fakes on Alibaba’s sites. The new System will incorporate some of the more than 700 brands already participating in the ‘Good Faith Takedown’ programme, including P&G, Mars, Adidas, and Apple.

The system will enable Alibaba to directly seek information from brand rights holders regarding suspected fake product listings, allowing the brands to identify the authenticity and notify Alibaba of the infringing listing. Alibaba will then initiate the Good Faith Takedown process and immediately remove the listing without required subsequent correspondence with the brand.

Alibaba noted: “As the internet sector continues to evolve, brands and online marketplaces alike face new IP enforcement challenges.  As the leading online marketplace, we have a responsibility to all of our constituents to govern our platform and find innovative solutions.”