US: General Mills Vehicle Makes New Investment

301 INC, the business development and venturing unit of General Mills, has announced a “significant investment” in D’s Natural, a producer of healthy foods.  The investment was made along with private equity firm 2x Consumer Products Growth Partners (2x Partners).

D’s Natural produces the ‘No Cow’ range of low-sugar plant-based bars and the ‘Fluffbutter’ range of low sugar protein-infused nut butters. Founded in 2015 by Daniel Katz (‘D’), it now generates around $10m in revenue and is distributed through more than 10,000 retail locations in the US, including chains such as Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, CVS, and Amazon.

John Haugen, VP and GM of 301 INC, noted: “We are impressed with how much D has been able to accomplish for his emerging brand over the past two years. No Cow bars offer consumers a convenient way to access nutrient-rich, plant-based proteins, which is gaining more and more consumer interest. We’re eager to help him take his business to the next level.”

NAM Implications:
  • A low-risk way of participating in a new approach to healthier eating for General Mills…
  • …and a potential basis for scaling within their main brand portfolio…