TURKEY: Migros Launches ‘Sea Market’

Migros Ticaret has launched what it claims is the world’s first ‘floating full-service store’, in the form of a yacht named ‘Migros Deniz Market’ (Migros Sea Market).

The 40m-long boat is aimed at customers in the coastal areas, who do not have easy access to supermarkets.  It has a retail space of 2,172 sq. m. and stocks more than 500 products, including fresh produce, bread, meat, deli products, apparel and textile.

It will service the Fethiye and Göcek bays (9am to 7pm) and Fethiye harbour (7pm-10pm) until end-September, and can also be accessed on the waterways by customers with their own boats. It will also contain an ATM, and allows the use of debit cards.

NAM Implications:
  • A pointer for other yacht-owners in other top-of-market coastal areas – Monte Carlo? – with recent retail experience?