US: 7-Eleven Makes History With First Drone Delivery

7-Eleven has stolen a march on more high-profile retailers such as Amazon by making the first official successful commercial delivery using a drone.

The company revealed that on 11 July, it delivered a F&B package to a private residence in Reno, Nevada.  7-Eleven partnered with independent drone delivery service Flirtey and the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems (NIAS), noting that the delivery was approved by the FAA.

7-Eleven said the order was a pilot run – it selected a store from which to deliver, and invited customers within a 1-mile radius to take part in the programme. The eventual delivery included a chicken sandwich, donuts, coffee, candy, and Slurpees. The products were packed into two containers, following which the drone flew autonomously from the store to the residence, where the package was lowered to the ground and retrieved by the customer.

7-Eleven said it will continue working with Flirety, but offered no details of a timeline for a wider roll-out.

NAM Implications:
  • No one can claw back the innovator’s advantage…
  • Unless Amazon decide to buy 7-Eleven?
  • Try running with that idea for a moment…