US: Aldi Set To Expand California Presence

Aldi is set to rapidly expand its presence in California, announcing plans to open seven new outlets next month.

The hard discounter said it will open outlets in the San Diego, Kern and Imperial counties on 19 May, taking its total presence in the state to 25 outlets in less than three months since its launch.

The chain remains on track to have 45 stores operational by end-2016, as part of its wider ambitions to have more than 2,000 outlets operational across the US by end-2018 (up from 1,500 currently).

NAM Implications:
  • Aldi (& Lidl) are obviously on a global expansion-roll reflecting their growth vs. traditional retailers
  • …and all of this at the expense of brands…
  • Unless branded suppliers find ways into dealing with the discounters…