US: IGA Teams Up With Digital Foodie

The Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) has established a partnership with Digital Foodie, the on-demand grocery platform, which will see the latter becoming a preferred IGA partner for enabling on-demand grocery to IGA’s licensed retailers.

The programme includes retailer branded web service, linked to IGA-branded native mobile applications for placing orders and shopping planning, as well as state-of-the-art in-store picking and fulfillment tools for optimised store pick-up and home delivery.

IGA and Digital Foodie have also established a marketing partnership for digital experiences that will use the latter’s marketing and consumer adoption best practices. Digital Foodie will work closely with IGA and its retailers to develop marketing offers and training programmes for converged groceries.

For most retailers, the Digital Foodie cloud platform can be set up within weeks. The IGA-branded mobile application links the grocer’s branded website to Digital Foodie’s converged cloud platform for on-demand ordering, online circulars, personalized shopping planning, digital commerce, order management and efficient fulfillment.

The program is available for all IGA member retailers, and for sign ups during 2016 the programme will also include a premium onboarding programme to help drive the success of the on-demand ordering..