US: Kellogg’s To Open First ‘Cereal Café’

Kellogg’s is set to launch its first cereal café, with the launch of an outlet in New York’s Times Square on 4 July.  The move mirrors the successful launch of the ‘Cereal Killer Café’ in London.

The food maker said a bowl of cereal – served with a 12-ounce container of milk – will cost between $6.50 and $7.50, and can either be eaten in or taken out. Celebrity chefs Christina Tosi and Anthony Rudolf will create new gourmet recipes for the café.

The café features staff members (dressed in Tshirts emblazoned with Kellogg’s catch phrases) who stand behind a colourful counter that offers toppings such as lime zest, thyme, and malted milk powder. Customers receive a buzzer that notifies them when their orders (packaged in a brown paper bag) are ready, which can then be picked up from a red locker.

Kellogg said it plans to launch a delivery service later in 2016, adding that the move aims to revive flagging cereal sales in the US.