US: Sunoco Completes Acquisitions In Texas, New York

Sunoco has announced the completion of two separate acquisitions, which combined saw it add 32 convenience stores and one standalone restaurant.

In Texas, one of Sunoco’s wholly owned subsidiaries acquired the ‘Rattlers’ c-stores and wholesale fuel business from Kolkhorst Petroleum.  This includes 14 company-operated locations and wholesale fuel supply contracts for independent dealer-owned and dealer-operated locations in the greater Austin, Houston and Waco markets.  Sunoco said the deal will boost its existing convenience store and wholesale fuel distribution business in the Central and Southeast Texas markets.

Meanwhile, in Upstate New York, another Sunoco subsidiary acquired 18 company-owned c-stores from Valentine Stores, as well as standalone Tim Hortons restaurant.  The deal boosts Sunoco’s existing convenience store operations in the Upstate New York market.