US: The War On Amazon: Target Vs. Walmart

It’s no longer a secret that retailers are working overtime to stay relevant in an Amazon world. And the recent push for digital innovation and varied offerings by both Target and Walmart appear to hint that these big box giants aren’t hanging up their shopping carts just yet.

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NAM Implications:
  • Where at: US major mults obviously attempting to maintain share vs Amazon, with financial strength of Walmart and Target a key advantage
  • Where headed: Amazon will continue to nibble at competitors especially in grocery and consumables. Key difference in the UK is relative financial weakness of the mults
  • How it affects you: Expect more pressure on cost prices to combat Amazon
  • Action: Need to clearly identify where your business is coming from, in a flat-line economy. Reassess major customers in terms of invest, maintain and divest, based on an assessment of their financial stability…