US: Walmart To Shift 1,500 Back-Office Workers Into Customer-Facing Jobs

Walmart has revealed plans to eliminate around 1,500 back-office positions at around 500 US outlets, while giving those workers positions that will result in direct contact with shoppers.

The move will impact its stores in the Western US region, and will cover accounting and other such departments.  The group said two-three people per store will be affected, adding that it wants more workers to interact closely with customers.

Walmart noted: “What we are doing is taking the complexities out of old cumbersome jobs and simplifying things in the store. How can we get the focus less on the backroom jobs?”

The retail giant said that initial trials in 50 stores resulted in just 1% of the affected workers leaving the company.  The changes include centralising the invoice department in the region, and using money-counting machines.

NAM Implication:
  • Which suppliers pick up the back office responsibilities?