Abel & Cole Become First To Use Compostable Packaging Film In UK

Abel & Cole has improved the shelf life of its produce by using easily processable and transparent biodegradable packaging film.  This makes it the first company in the UK to use the new kind of compostable packaging film developed by Finnish company Plastiroll.

Plastiroll’s Bioska 506 film is made from fully compostable and biodegradable raw materials and does not contain any GM organisms. It can be easily disposed of by composting at home or in a normal bin where it decomposes within a few months.

The breathable film has been found to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for longer, by enabling them to retain their moisture while preventing condensation inside the package. According to Plastiroll’s testing, the packaging film can extend the shelf life of some fresh produce by up to one month while quickly expiring fruit and vegetables like lettuce, mushrooms and strawberries can last 1-2 weeks longer.

Abel & Cole noted: “We looked at many packaging sources to see what is the best to recycle or compost, what was GMO free and what keeps our product quality as high as possible. And Plastiroll really lived up to its promises.”

Plastiroll’s film has previously been used by the Kesko group, and the Abel & Cole deal marks its entry into the international market.