Ahmad Tea Launches ‘Cold Brew’ Teas For Summer

Ahmad Tea has announced the launch of its ‘Cold Brew Teas’ range, aimed at the UK summer market.

Ahmad Tea Cold Brew is a new concept in tea – making freshly brewed ice tea with real tea and cold water in under 5 minutes. Containing no added sugar or sweeteners and 80% less caffeine compared to hot tea, packed in foil fresh sachets, the range offers three flavours – English Tea, Lemon & Lime, and Peach & Passionfruit.

The company notes that the standard method of preparing fresh ice tea – a time-consuming process involving boiling water, brewing and then chilling the infusion down to drinking temperature – has been a barrier to adoption. It claims the practicality of Cold Brew could be a game changer for food service and retailers alike.

This range is already available in the US and will be available in the UK through the Ahmad Tea website.

Ali Afshar, UK General Manager, noted: “2016 will see the speciality tea category continue to expand, with more consumers appreciating the delights that tea can offer. Cold Brew teas are a key part of the innovation in this category.  At Ahmad Tea we want to offer consumers an iced tea from real tea leaves. And with low production costs and high margins, it is ideal for those who are looking for the next top thing and a refreshing summer drink.”