Buko Secures Holland & Barrett Listing For Coconut Jam

Buko Foods has announced the launch of the UK’s first range of organic coconut jams at Holland & Barrett stores across the country.

The jams are similar to a malty caramel spread, and offer an interesting alternative for ‘free from’ consumers.  The range has so far been available only via independent health stores and Amazon.

The listing comes even as the jam and spreads market in the UK is forecast to reach £613m by 2018, the coconut water and oil sector is worth £140m, and free-from products are expected to report a 13% jump in sales this year.


Aled Morris, MD of Buko, noted: “Based on the continued growth currently taking place in the spread sector, evolving taste preferences, consumers on the whole becoming more health conscious and an increased call for products that are free from dairy, soya and gluten, we believe our jams are the perfect fit for UK supermarkets. With Holland & Barrett coming on board I’m sure it won’t be long until our jams are a signature brand gracing breakfast tables around the UK.”