Corona In New European Partnership with Spotify

The Corona beer brand has unveiled a new pan-European partnership with Spotify, to celebrate the Corona Sunsets Series. Building on their 2015 collaboration, the partnership will strengthen the beer brand’s relationship with music, and provide the perfect soundtrack for fans to celebrate the sunset moment.

The ‘Corona SunSets Hub powered by Spotify’ will allow music fans to create personalised SunSets playlists that are fully shareable across all social channels. Each playlist is automatically generated and personalised to the individual users’ music tastes using a similar method to Spotify’s Discover Weekly. Tracks will be sequenced using a customised tool that taps into the energy, danceability, tone, mood and beats per minute of each track to provide a playlist that mimics the ebb and flow of a Corona SunSets DJ set.

Spotify’s unique platform allows Corona to automatically update playlists every Friday with fresh songs as the sun is going down. The experience is hosted on the Corona SunSets hub and is available in several European countries, including the UK. The hub will also provide a platform for hosting more information and ticketing to Corona SunSets Festivals across the globe.

The Corona SunSets series is the everyday manifestation of ‘This is Living’ – the brand’s new global marketing campaign. The series continues throughout the summer with a variety of outdoor music events. The Corona SunSets hub powered by Spotify is live now and runs until 22 August 2016.