Elizabeth Shaw Revamps, Expands Range Ahead Of Christmas

The Elizabeth Shaw luxury chocolate brand has revamped and extended its range ahead of the Christmas 2016 period. 0133 Flutes & Bites 3D Vis D1

The company has introduced four new products – Dark Mint Creams, Orange Crisps, Salted Caramel Crisps, and the Merry Christmas Mini Gifts (RRP £2.59 – £3.99).  The new additions will feature the newly re-vamped packaging, specially designed to stand out on shelf and offer a more premium gifting feel.

The trademark Crisp range will see its packaging now feature a pearl varnish finish, giving a metallic sheen to the packs.  Gold foil has also been used to amplify the logo and overall shelf presence.

Meanwhile, the Mini Gifts (available in three variants – Dark Mint Flutes & Dark Mint Bites, Dark Orange Flutes & Milk Orange Bites, and Milk Amaretto Flutes & Milk Almond Bites) feature a gift tag and satin bow.   And finally, the Dark Mint Creams (new to retail following their success in the catering sector) come individually wrapped, presented in a hexagonal tumble pack.

The Mini Gifts, Salted Caramel Crisp, and Dark Mint Creams are available from independents; while the Orange Crisp is available from Tesco, Asda and independents.