English Tea Shop Goes Fully Organic

English Tea Shop, the leading global speciality tea company, has announced that its range of 500 teas and tisanes is now 100% organic.

The move comes as organic goods are enjoying a renaissance in the UK, with overall sales increasing 7% to £2.09bn in 2016. Consumer demand for organic tea is also surging with sales growing 11.8% to £28m last year.

English Tea Shop’s focus on organic has been fruitful, with UK revenues reaching £8m last year with 25% growth being targeted in 2017. English Tea Shop sells 350m teabags each year worldwide – including at high-end department stores such as Harrods and Selfridges, and hotels such as The Grange and Strand Palace. English Tea Shop tea is also white-labelled in major foodservice chains such as Pret a Manger.

Suranga Herath, CEO of English Tea Shop, says: “Consumer demand for organic is booming and it’s not hard to see why. Organic produce is better for the environment, produces better quality products, and because of the premium price it commands, is also better for the farmers. The organic star is rising at the perfect time for English Tea Shop, which has always had organic at its core.”