Hempco Canada Superfoods Launches New Range In The UK Under ‘PlanetHemp’ Brand

Hempco Canada Superfoods, described as a pioneer in the global hemp industry, has launched a new range of hemp oil, seeds, superfoods, supergreens and snacks under its first consumer facing brand, PlanetHemp.

Hempco Canada Superfoods is widely recognised as the sector leader and key innovator facilitating Canada’s entire hemp seed trade. It has launched a number of world first products including; hemp protein powder, filtered hemp seed oil, hemp Milk, hemp Ice Cream and hemp yoghurt. Hempco use a unique five stage clean-up process (vs two stage industry standard) to remove the majority of the seed shell or husk which it says delivers a much better flavour profile for both the seed itself and all products manufactured from it.

The new range includes:

  • Hemp Protein Superfood. This plant-based protein contains 37g of protein per 100g and is boosted with alfafa. It is available in three flavour varieties – Original, Maple Cinnamon, and Vanilla Chai
  • Shelled Hemp Seed. This shelled hemp seed is described as being amongst the highest quality available on the market being certified organic and grown at a ‘state-of-the-art’ processing facility
  • Hemp Oil. Planet Hemp’s Hemp Oil is cold pressed and filtered, with no additives.
  • Hemp Snacks. Planet Hemp’s Super Mini Bouchées are small snacks designed for “healthy indulgence” and come in two flavours – Forbidden Fruit and Cacao Heaven
  • Supergreens. The product is made up of hemp, spirulina, barleygrass, wheatgrass, alfafa, chlorella, and cinnamon. It can be added to water, juice, shakes or smoothies to produce a nutritious drink.


The Planet Hemp range is presented in clean and distinctive packaging, designed to reflect the natural, organic and environmentally-friendly values of the business and products. The company says that Hemp seed production is itself carbon-negative, as it absorbs more carbon from the atmosphere whilst growing than all of the equipment used to harvest, process and transport it.

Tony Reeves, Managing Director of HempCo Europe, said: “One of the goals of HempCo is to reduce the amount of animal products we consume as humans. 15% of all greenhouse gases are currently created by meat production – more than cars, trains, planes and ships combined. The public are increasingly in-tune with this message; the rise of flexitarians in the UK and the fact that 12% of the British population, the highest ever, follows a vegetarian or vegan diet is testament to this fact. It is with this in mind that we are so passionate about making environmentally-friendly hemp products available to UK consumers who are concerned with reducing their impact on the planet and the amount of meat they eat.”