Kerry Foods Serves Up New Richmond Meal Kits

Kerry Foods is aiming to build on the success of its Richmond brand in convenient cooking formats, with the launch of new meal kits.

The new ‘Richmond Shake & Bake’ sausage casserole meal kits will enable consumers to create simple ‘one pot’ dinners.  The dinners are oven-baked in a bag, with a choice of two flavours and seasonings – Classic Sausage Casserole, and Italian Tomato & Herb Sausage Casserole.richmond-shake-bake

The kits require the frying of sausages for five minutes before they are put with vegetables into the Richmond baking bag, adding the seasoning, shaking it up and placing them in the oven for 45 minutes. The kits will include the sausages, the seasoning mix and the baking bag.

Sarah Davies, Senior Brand Manager for Richmond, notes: “There are 53m sausage casserole meal occasions in the UK so there is a large opportunity for Richmond to help grow the category by offering a convenient and exciting new format”.  Davies adds: “Convenience is a top driver of consumption for evening meals, and this is a key pillar for growth for us and the category going into 2017”.