Lidl Introduces New ‘Fun Sized’ Veggies For Children

Lidl UK has introduced a new line of ‘fun-sized’ vegetables aimed specifically at children, making it the first British supermarket to do so.

The new fun-sized products have been given names and packaging designed to appeal to and engage with a younger audience. The line includes Mini Broccoli Trees, Cauliflower Clouds, Sweet Potato Piggies, Romanesaurus Rex (mini romanesco), and Unicorn Carrots.

The products will be piloted in all Lidl stores across England, Scotland and Wales until the end of March (subject to availability). If successful, Lidl will aim to stock them on a permanent basis, while also introducing new products.

The move follows the success of its existing fun-sized fruit and veg range, sales of which have grown 20%. That range currently consists of mini pears, apples, bananas, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and soft citrus fruits.