McCoy’s Launches New Thick Cut Flat Crisps To Satisfy Consumer Demand

KP Snacks has launched McCoy’s Thick Cut, a new range of thick cut flat crisps.

Available in multipacks, handypacks and also a 50p price marked pack, the range comes in a variety of flavours including Salted, Salt & Cider Vinegar, Cheddar & Red Onion, Beef & Onion, Crispy Bacon and BBQ Chicken.McCoys-Thick-Cut

With consumers shifting their spending to other snack alternatives in recent years, Andy Riddle, Branded Sales Director at KP Snacks, said: “The current flat crisp offering isn’t meeting the demand for a snack that satisfies the appetite, so we’ve developed our hunger-busting McCoy’s Thick Cut crisp, which really delivers on flavour.”

McCoy’s Thick Cut crisps are currently rolling out stores across the UK.

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