MightyBee Launches Vegan Jerky Snack Made From Coconuts

MightyBee, a producer of premium coconut-based products, has launched a range of raw, organic, vegan jerky snacks made purely from young Thai coconuts.

The jerky comes in three flavours – Chocolate & Hazelnut, Teriyaki and Spicy BBQ – and is free from gluten, refined sugar, dairy and preservatives. The coconut jerky is made by marinating the flesh of organically grown, young Thai coconuts in a homemade sauce.

It was developed in collaboration with raw vegan chef Lorena Loriato, whose “less is more” mantra is manifested through the jerky’s gentle dehydration process, which locks in the coconuts’ natural nutrients.

“The whole process has been a real labour of love, from selecting the natural ingredients to honing the dehydration process,” said Loriato, who spent six months developing the product with MightyBee. “The texture of the Thai young coconut meat has been a superstar here; it really helped us to develop something that truly appeals to both vegetarians and omnivores.”

Ice Min, the CEO and Co-Founder of MightyBee, added: “Brought up in a family with a history of diabetes and lots of weird allergies, I spent a lot of my childhood getting lost in the streets and munching on homemade treats from food trucks. Growing up, my siblings and I had few options in supermarkets. That’s why we’re so proud to have produced our range of guilt-free snacks with Lorena; it’s healthy, free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar, and utterly delicious.”

MightyBee’s coconut jerky is available in two sizes 15g (£1.80) and 30g (£2.85) from its website (www.mightybee.com) and Whole Foods Market