Monin Launches Popcorn Syrup For Winter

Monin UK has launched a new Popcorn Syrup in the market, offering a retro twist to a host of drinks ahead of winter.

The company claims the new product is a first for the beverage industry and has been developed to meet the growing trend for replicating dessert and snack flavours in beverage form. It adds that the syrup captures the buttery, nutty flavour of popcorn with a light roasted aftertaste.

Developed at the brand’s HQ in Bourges, France, the syrup is dairy and gluten free. It is available in 70cl glass and 1 litre plastic bottles.

The product will be the star of Monin’s Winter 2016 beverage programme which will support restaurant and bar owners in creating exciting seasonal drinks customers will love. The programme is accompanied by branded POS kits including tent cards, posters and illustrated recipe booklets.

Lee Hyde, MONIN Beverage Innovation Manager, said: “Popcorn’s popularity as a snack has exploded in recent years, with several new brands and varieties launching into the marketplace. We want to capitalise on this trend by bringing that much-loved, nostalgic flavour into the bar and coffee shop sectors.”

Hyde added: “MONIN Popcorn syrup’s buttery, roasted notes are paired perfectly with a caramelised nuttiness, which really shines through in a flavoured latte or hot chocolate. Popcorn milkshakes are a must-try too; add a shot of bourbon to create a hard shake for your menu. To create a wonderfully exotic twist this winter, try a Popcorn Pina Colada or a Popcorn Espresso Martini.”