Mr. Organic To Launch 16 New Products

The Mr. Organic brand has announced the launch of 16 new products in September, which will be showcases at the Specialty Fine Food Fair.  The new range will include healthier takes of chocolate spreads, conserves, mayonnaise, and savoury sauces.

The new Free From Mayo (£2.79) is egg-free and vegan friendly, and contains 244 calories and 28g less fat than Hellman’s.   There are also five Mix products – Five Beans, Country Soup, Lentils, Pearl Spelt & Pearl Barley, and Pearl Spelt & Beans (£3.25-£3.50).  Additionally, there are three gluten-free chocolate and hazelnut spreads – Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Free From Chocolate (made without dairy) (£3.69-£3.99).

The organic food company will also unveil four hand crafted conserves – Sicilian Lemon, Sicilian Bitter Orange, Sicilian Mandarin, and Elderberry (£3.99-£4.69).  And finally, it will showcase three new ‘add-in’ sauces – Grilled Pepper, Grilled Aubergine, and Tomato & Olive (£3.39-£3.69) – all of which are gluten-free and vegan friendly.

All the products are available from selected wholesalers, recipe box schemes, and Ocado.