Müller Launches Brand New Advertising Campaign For FRijj

Müller has unveiled a new TV advertising and social media campaign for its FRijj brand under the tagline #TheURjj!

Müller is investing heavily in the milkshake brand, bringing back FRijj to TV screens following a three-year hiatus, as part of plans to achieve double digit growth over the next 12 months.

The creative for the campaign, which aims to resonate with 21-29 year olds, comprises a three part, sitcom style mini-series, and features two housemates battling over drinking a Müllerlicious FRijj.

Michael Inpong, Chief Marketing Officer said: “We are delighted to announce this new advertising and social media campaign, and we want consumers to feel #theURjj for FRijj. It’s our ambition to drive FRijj to fulfil its true potential, and we know consumers love the taste and eye catching bottle, so those are staying.

“We have a unique, Müllerlicious product in FRijj and now we have a brand new, unique campaign to help the brand reach a wider audience.”

The first TV spot launched yesterday with parts two and three to be seeded online over the next few weeks. The social content launched last week on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram along with hashtag #TheURjj teasing that “The URjj is coming”.