New Brand Aims To Create ‘Teavolution’

A new brand called ‘No More Tea Bags’ has launched in the UK, aiming to shake up the tea market with its innovative new offer.  NMTB

The company, founded by serial drinks entrepreneur Guy Woodall, is based on a new patent pending technology which allows for liquid teas to be contained in an aerosol style recyclable can.

The technology allows tea to be dispensed into a mug, hot water and milk added and a cup of tea created without the need for waiting for brewing or having to dispose of tea bags.

No More Tea Bags, which is set to launch in July, offers Original, Earl Grey, and Jasmine variants.

Woodall, who also launched the Thorncraft and Yum Cha brands, notes: “The convenience of not having to sit around and wait for your tea to brew is a major USP, but the technology we’ve used enables us to produce a tea with what we believe is a far superior taste to an ordinary tea bag. According to research the average tea bag is brewed for just 13 seconds, which isn’t anywhere near long enough to appreciate the flavour of real tea. The tea we use in No More Tea Bags is brewed for a full five minutes such that a fuller flavour is achieved. All you have to do to get the strength or size of tea you want is add more or less NMTB as required.”

The UK tea market is currently worth over £650m, with tea bags accounting for more than 96% of all sales.