New Survey Reveals Most Popular Pies In UK       

A new survey has revealed the most popular pie amongst British consumers – and it is not a local dish.

The study of 2,000 consumers by online market research company OnePoll found that the apple pie was the most favoured pie of all.  The traditional American dish came in ahead of iconic British classics such as Shepherd’s pie, Steak & Ale pie, or Chicken & Mushroom pie.

The poll found that most of the popular pies were savoury in nature – with only three sweet pies in the top 10 (the other two being lemon meringue and mince pie).  The top 20 also featured three more sweet pies – Cherry, Apple & Blackberry, and Banoffee.  Surprisngly, the classic fish pie failed to place inside the top 20 – coming in at number 23.

Kevin Smith, Panel Director for OnePoll, said: “The extensive list shows the versatility of the pie and what a big feature it is when it comes to the British diet. Whether sweet or savoury, pie passion is clearly high and a hard-fought contest sees apple pie narrowly take the top spot.”

The study also found that Brits eat an average of 2.2 pies each month, with 6% saying they eat up to six pies and 1% eating more than 10 pies a month.  38% of those polled said they prefer savoury pies, 12% said they preferred sweet, while 50% could not decide between either.

OnePoll also found that the overall favourite pie differed between men and women, with the ladies plumping for apple, and men overwhelmingly voting in favour of steak and ale. It also found that most people prefer making their own, with just 23% saying they’d rather eat a ready-made pie, and 40 per cent opting for a mixture of both.

Intriguingly, apple pie is least popular in the 25-34-year-old bracket, with 28% picking it, as opposed to 47% of the over 55s. For these millennials, steak and ale pie was the favourite, with 35% of the vote.