Oasis Brings Out Self-Serving Mac For Festival Season

The Oasis brand has introduced a fun new apparel, aimed at UK festival goers, who are expected to experience lots of rain.Oasis-mac

The ‘Mighty Mac’ is a macintosh that contains a reservoir funnel on the hood to capture rainwater, an in-built tube system to channel water down the sleeve and a tap to turn on whenever you’re feeling a bit dehydrated.  Users simply need to add Oasis Mighty Drops (stored in the pocket) to the water to concoct a drink.

Zara Gugen, Oasis Senior Brand Manager, said: “Let’s face it, the Mighty Mac is not going to do your festival fashion cred much good, but it’ll keep you dry on the outside and hydrated on the inside. And this is without sacrificing a second of the action or losing your friends for the rest of the festival. Given the colour, your friends aren’t likely to lose you either.”