Popularity Of High Protein Baking Boosts Good Hemp

Along with the general increase in baking across the UK, spurred in part by shows such as the Great British Bake Off, high protein baking is also seeing a surge in popularity.

One of the stars of high protein baking is hemp, a plant-based source that contains complete protein, all 20 amino acids, Omega 3, vitamins & minerals, and is allergen free.  The Good Hemp brand notes that sales of hemp products have more than trebled in the last year, as more Brits bake using high protein ingredients.

Donna Chappelle, Brand Manager of Good Hemp, says, ‘We’ve seen a real increase in interest in healthy baking, as a protein enriched diet becomes more popular. Our hemp products, whether milk, flour, seeds or oilcan all make healthy baking easier than ever.”

Good Hemp has recently introduced a range of products designed to help with high protein baking – including High Protein Flour, Wholemeal Protein Flour and Hemp Seed Hearts – all of which are available online and in good health food stores.