Rosé Sales Up 104% At Waitrose On Back Of Trend For Frosé

Waitrose has revealed that sales of rosé wine in its stores are up 104%.

The retailer said that demand of rosé is being boosted by a trend for frosé, which is dubbed the ‘coolest drink of the summer’. Frosé is made by simply freezing rosé wine with lemon juice and sugar. The drink is usually prepared in a large container and frozen for approximately seven hours before being blended into a slush.

A Waitrose spokesperson commented: “Frosé really has taken the nation by storm, fusing together two summer favourites – rosé and cooling slushes. Preparation is minimal and it can be stored or used in batches, making it perfect for parties. Our customers are making the most of the British summer time and this homemade, adult version of a Slush Puppy is a fun way to entertain guests in the sunshine”.