Sarson’s Kicks Off New Campaign

Sarson’s, the UK’s number one vinegar brand, has launched a new campaign to drive consumer awareness.

The “Sarson’s Loves Cooking” campaign aims to highlight the versatility of Malt Vinegar and remind consumers how to use vinegar across three core pillars – cooking, pickling and chips.  The campaign will target 25-45 year olds and will focus on recipes that have been strategically developed based on key SEO data. Activity for the campaign will run across digital, social and PR.Bottle-Sarson

The brand is collaborating with influential food blogger Food Urchin on a selection of recipes using malt vinegar which will be jointly promoted across social media, web properties, and editorially. Food Urchin was selected due to his reputation with the foodie demographic that the brand is out to target.

The digital aspect of the campaign includes the creation of brand videos which will be used across video on demand, pre-roll and social media. In addition, a ‘Buy Now’ button will be introduced across all of Sarson’s social media platforms.

Sarson’s will also be launching a new 568ml Malt Vinegar bottle featuring new Sarsons’ characters, a chilli and a mushroom.