Sarson’s Launches First Pickling Vinegar In 25 Years

The Sarson’s brand is set to launch a new speciality pickling blend, encouraged by the growing trend in home pickling.

Available from Sainsbury’s stores now, the new pickling blend (RRP £2.29) is made from a white wine vinegar and includes pink and black peppercorns and coriander seeds.  The product has been developed to give consumers a ready-made vinegar that is full of flavour and therefore make home pickling a one-step process.

The new variant is designed to appeal to a younger generation of home picklers. Noa Hasegawa, Sarson’s Brand Manager, said: “The UK pickling market is worth £1.6m and growing by 2.1% year on year and our research showed a 14% year-on-year increase in searches relating to home pickling. Therefore we wanted to develop a new product to meet demand and offer consumers a new flavour for their home pickling, developed by a heritage brand they trust in the market. The product offers an easy and flavoursome pickling product to ensure Sarson’s is at the heart of the pickling trend.”

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