SugaVida Introduces New Look

The SugaVida brand has introduced a new look to its range, as part of plans to take its product mainstream.  SugaVida is the UK’s exclusive supplier of organic Palmyra Jaggery (a crystallised, unrefined nectar alternative to sugar).

The company said the new packaging will offer a “fresh and contemporary look that will appeal to our target audience”, and will be available at major retailers from early November (250g/ RRP £6.49). SugaVida

SugaVida is marketed as the ultimate nutritious ‘super-sugar’, and offers a plant-based substitute for people opting for a low-sugar or sugar-free lifestyle.  SugaVida has a low GI making it safe for diabetics by helping regulate blood sugar levels. Palmyera Jaggery is a nutrient dense traditional ayurvedic medicinal ingredient which helps reduce inflammation in the body, with one teaspoon containing 36% of the RDA of vitamin B12 (SugaVida is the only plant-based source of B12), 210% of the RDA of vitamin B6, and 500% of vitamin B1.  It is also organic, ethically sourced and sustainable for the communities who farm it.