Tesco Revamps On-The-Go Salads After Surge In Demand

A record number of Brits are forgoing the traditional lunchtime sarnie and are choosing a salad option instead, according to latest retail figures from Tesco.

The chain said that in the last year, sales of leafy salads have rocketed up by nearly 300%. Across the UK market that’s an extra 3.1 million leafy salads bought by shoppers in the last 52 weeks (year-on-year). Further, in the last three years demand for healthy salads has virtually doubled every year and it is now the fastest growing area in the food-to-go market.

Due to this growth, Tesco has revamped their ready-to-eat-salad range, working with top chefs to add options such as salmon and wheat berry; superfood grains; Thai chicken with spiralised vegetables and Moroccan inspired cauliflower couscous.

Helen Dwyer, Tesco food to go buyer, noted: “In the last year we’ve seen a major change in the dining habits of lunchtime shoppers with increasing numbers now looking for a more balanced, nutritious light meal. They are looking for a balanced dietary offering and the health benefits you get from seeds like chia and spelt, and ancient grains as well as good protein. Interestingly, we are also seeing a change in the salad buying demographic with customer research revealing that more male shoppers are now seeking out a healthier lunchtime snack.”