Tesco Launches Vitamin D-enriched Mushrooms

Tesco will this week exclusively launch the UK’s first ever range of mushrooms which are grown in extra light to naturally enhance their vitamin D levels.  The new variants will help Brits meet their recommended daily amount of vitamin D during the winter months.

Mushrooms contain a substance called ergosterol which allows them to naturally make vitamin D when they are exposed to light.  The mushrooms are grown exclusively for Tesco by Monaghan Mushrooms who are based in the Republic of Ireland.

The new range includes – Vitamin D Chestnut mushrooms (250g pack), Vitamin D Portobello mushrooms (150g pack), and Vitamin D Baby Chestnut mushrooms (150g pack).  A 100g portion is on average four to five Chestnut mushrooms,14 Baby Button mushrooms  or one to two Portobello mushrooms.

Tesco mushroom expert Marek Kutera said: “As we head into the winter months, we know it can be increasingly difficult to meet the daily recommendations for Vitamin D from a natural source.  These delicious mushrooms will make it easier than ever for shoppers to get all of their allowance from a key cooking staple. Just one portion- around four Chestnut or one to two Portobello mushrooms – in your Spaghetti Bolognese is all it takes.”

Updated advice from Public Health England in July said that ‘in spring and summer, the majority of the population get enough vitamin D through sunlight on the skin and a healthy, balanced diet. During autumn and winter, everyone will need to rely on dietary sources of vitamin D.’