Waitrose Launching ‘Beer Cheese’ Under Its New Premium Range

Waitrose is launching a unique ‘beer cheese’ this month. The chain will be first supermarket to introduce the Duvel Belgian Beer cheese which will come under its new premium range, Waitrose 1.

Duvel Belgian Beer Cheese

The product is made by the renowned cheesemaker Michael van Tricht in Belgium. It entails Duvel beer, which has been made in Belgium for over 100 years, being added to the vats as the cheese is made, giving it a distinctive hop character. The Duvel Belgian beer cheese is available for £28.99 per kg from Waitrose branches.

Chris Dawson, Cheese Buyer at Waitrose, commented: “Here at Waitrose we spend our time finding cheese makers, from all over the world, who can supply our customers with the tastiest and most unique cheeses around. We know that our customers enjoy a good, quality cheese and we’re sure that this new addition to our wide range will be a hit.”