Waitrose Serves Up Cactus Water

Waitrose has begun stocking cactus water on its shelves, making it the first UK supermarket to do so.

The chain is stocking True Nopal Cactus Water (330ml/£1.69) at 70 outlets, with Waitrose expecting it to become the drink of the summer.

The nopal cactus thrives in the desert and produces the prickly pear, the red spiky fruit from which the water is derived. The juice of the fruit is pressed then combined with filtered water and a small amount of beetroot juice, resulting in a drink that tastes similar to cranberry juice, but just a bit sweeter. The drink only contains natural sugars from the cactus puree, making it a low sugar alternative to other juices.

Roxanne Bennett, Drinks to Go Buyer at Waitrose comments: ‘Launched two years ago in the USA by entrepreneur Tom Zummo, cactus water is proving popular with the American fashion set. We’re predicting that there will soon be a UK fan base for this quirky drink too.’