Whitworths Launches Extensive Snacking Range In Poundland

The Whitworths brand is introducing an extensive new snacking range into Poundland stores, which has been created specifically for the chain.

Whitworths has responded to consumer demand for reputable, high quality products with the range, which will be distributed across the 850 Poundland stores, ensuring the availability of tasty, healthy and affordable snacks nationwide.

This range stretches across fruit, nuts and seeds, mixes and coated products and split into five distinct types – Natural Mixes (an assortment of fruits, nuts and seeds in snacking combinations), Fruit Feasters (a selection of dried fruits); Nutty Nibbles (a selection of nuts); Seed Snackers (a selection of natural seeds), and Coated Treats (yogurt and chocolate covered fruits and nuts) – all at an RRP of £1.

Whitworths is also including its popular Shots range, now available in multipacks of three, as well as its classic kids snacks in multipack varieties – Sunny Fruit Multipacks, and Sunny Coated Multipacks

Matthew Wakelin, Brand Manager at Whitworths, said: “At Whitworths, we understand that consumers want high quality, great tasting products offering good value. The range at Poundland is the same Whitworths standards that consumers expect, at an affordable price, meaning that more shoppers than ever can access healthy snacking alternatives.”