ASA Bans Walkers Competition Promotion

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned a holiday competition promotion run by Walkers crisps, upholding consumer complaints that it was too difficult to win.

The ‘Spell and go’ competition invited shoppers to collect and swap letters from wrapper codes, and use them to spell the names of 26 possible holiday destinations.  However, dozens of complaints were lodged with the ASA, with shoppers claiming certain letters were being withheld, while others reporting problems with the Walkers website accepting codes.

Despite Walkers’ protestations, the ASA said the ‘random swap’ function (allowing participants to exchange letters with a pool on the competition site) was not good enough.  The ASA noted that the online pool was only made up of “type two” letters, thus effectively ensuring that the letters C, D and K could not be won.

Walkers admitted that the online swap tool “could have been clearer”, adding that it will ensure all future promotions take the ASA’s feedback on board.