Fresh Food Sales Soar At Nisa

Nisa has revealed that it has seen a significant uplift in sales of fresh produce and fresh meat products over the last few months.

Following the launch of Nisa’s Wholesale fresh produce service in March, the group said that sales of loose fresh fruit and vegetables have jumped by 40.2%, as retailers took advantage of the competitive deals available. In addition to this, since Nisa launched its revamped Heritage fresh meat range in April, the category has seen an overall uplift of 20.1%. The relaunched range offered improved cost prices as well as an improved consumer price and promotional offer.

As part of Nisa’s increased focus on promotional activity for the coming year, a number of fresh produce items are now featured on the consumer leaflet each promotional period, which it says has helped Nisa retailers to stay competitive in the market. Further to this, the cost of 33 fresh produce items were also recently reduced to help its members benefit from a competitive retail price whilst maintaining profit margins.

Since this additional promotional activity began produce sales are said to have seen an uplift of 16.4%, with a number of products experiencing significant growth, including cucumbers, which saw a 103% uplift, bananas, which saw growth of 124%, and button mushrooms which experienced a huge uplift of 274%.

Greg Goodwin, head of fresh and frozen at Nisa, commented: “We are delighted that the new wholesale fresh produce service has been so well-received by our members, delivering a fantastic uplift in sales for the business, whilst also providing our retailers with sector leading prices and healthy profit margins which allow them to compete effectively in these key areas.

“With the ever-increasing importance of convenience retailers having a strong fresh offering in their stores, it is extremely encouraging to see members engaging so heavily with this key category. We continuously review our full fresh offering to ensure it is always relevant and will continue to look at ways to drive sales in our members’ stores.”

NAM Implications:
  • Nisa’s Wholesale fresh produce service results are spectacular, especially compared with other products…
  • …meaning the other suppliers increase their product/category profiles to compete…