New Study On Behaviour Of Early Adopters Reveals Drinks Brands Need To Make Changes To Their Strategy

A new study into the behaviour of early adopters of new products shows that drinks brands need to make fundamental changes to their strategy.

This is according the Audience Report 2016, a global insight from nearly 5,000 early adopters conducted by Protein, an agency that helps brands understand and connect with influential audiences. The report investigated early adopter behaviour in the bar environment and found that only 12% of early adopters are swayed by packaging design when purchasing an alcoholic drink.

Celebrity endorsements are also becoming less important, with just 5% of this audience finding celebrity endorsement attractive when purchasing an alcoholic drink. However, provenance is becoming an increasingly important factor to this audience with 22% of those surveyed stating that they look for locally sourced produce when purchasing an alcoholic drink. This is almost twice as many as the 12% who see cost as the influential factor when choosing what drink to buy.

The quality of the product is important to a large proportion of this audience, 45% claimed that they are more inclined to purchase an alcoholic drink that is high calibre at a bar compared to 26% being swayed by recognition of the brand.

Looking at the bigger picture the Protein Report highlights the early adopter audience is expecting much more from brands. They want to be caught off guard with unorthodox creative thinking; 76% said the idea of organisations going in unexpected directions or setting up surprising collaborations appeals to them. They are beginning to miss the friction and real human experience that comes from solving logistical issues with old fashioned brain power; 83% feel they value a product or service more if they had put the work in to receive it.

Also, possessions are becoming less important as 61% prefer to spend on experience over products. Finally, 77% of respondents believe that big brands have a moral obligation to improve the world.

William Rowe, Founder and CEO at Protein, commented: “While it maybe surprising to see how little packaging design plays in swaying a decision to purchase along with celebrity endorsement in the drinks space, the reasons why become clearer when our findings highlight early adaptors are looking at the bigger picture when it comes to their relationships with brands.

“Our 2016 Report reveals early adopters want to have relationships with brands that are proactive in improving the world. Secondly, this audience increasingly value the opportunity to better themselves through real life activity and experiences. Thirdly, marketers must have the courage to create daring, unpredictable and proactive campaigns, as this is the only way to make a real impact. Lastly, early adopters want brands to challenge them – put the ball into their court and let them seek out and discover engagement or products rather than have everything paraded under their nose.

“Overall, global adopters are entering a new phase of their evolution. They’ve gone from making the best of a world that’s often against them, to being proactive in reshaping it into something more positive.”